Tricks you can play on yourself, #35

I use on of the Belkin dual-head KVM switches on my main dev machine, but it doesn't work for setup, so I keep a separate USB keyboard hooked to the system.

This morning, the system began to send "-" characters uncontrollably. I did a bunch of checking - it didn't happen on my Longhorn machine, rebooting didn't help, cycling the KVM switch didn't help.

Turns out that during a meeting, a notepad got moved over on top of the keyboard, which dutifully sent me all the minus signs I could handle.

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  1. ErcB says:


    In my office on the far corner of my desk I have a machine that is used for downloading, burning DVDs, etc. but not for everyday use. I have a colleague that comes down to talk 1-2 a week, and since I don’t have an extra chair, he usually winds up sitting/leaning on the end of the desk, and thus the keyboard. When the screen saver goes off and the machine starts beeping, he realizes that he has done it again. If his reaction weren’t so amusing, I would probably move the keyboard so that he wouldn’t sit on it.



  2. Haacked says:

    I use an under desk keyboard tray and I’ve had several instances where suddenly all the code I’ve been typing starts getting deleted.

    Turns out I accidentally wedged the DELETE key under the desk.

  3. James Curran says:

    Reminds me a something that happened years ago. In my home office (ie, bedroom/living room et al), I had a desk with my computer on one wall, and a TV on the opposite wall.

    One day, while I was listening (mostly) to the TV, I was cleaning up my desk. When, all of a sudden, the TV station changed. I thought that was a bit odd, but I just walked up to the TV (I was already standing), and flipped it back to the show I was watch, then went back to cleaning the desk.

    A few minutes later, the station flipped again. Now, I decided to look into this.

    As it turned out, as I was moving things around on the (paper strewn) desk, I had placed my telephone on top of the TV remote control. However, I was standing right in front of it, blocking the IR beam — except when I moved to the side, when the TV would flip.

  4. Uwe says:

    Since I connect my USB keyboard via an USB 2.0-switch to my computer it sometimes "eats" keystrokes or produces keystrokes I never entered.

    Did not happen with my previous USB 1.0-switch.

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