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When I first started writing columns for MSDN, my author bio was pretty dry. But, over time, I started to play around with it a bit. For example, in one of my columns, I ended the bio with:

He's been programming long enough that he knows what 8-inch diskettes are and could once mount tapes with one hand.

or, from another one:

In his spare time, he's preparing a monograph on the rise of cross-dressing vis-à-vis the 1970s sketch comedy.


In his spare time, he's pursuing a doctorate in cat juggling with a concentration in Persians.

I hope that at least somebody in my audience understands the reference.

Nobody ever said anything about those little blurbs, even when I wrote:

He wonders if anybody ever reads this bio.

Did any of you ever read them? If so, please add a comment.

Anyway, for the book, Apress asked me for an updated bio, and here's what I wrote:

After nearly a decade of programming at companies focusing on aerospace, databases, and bankruptcy, Eric was somewhat surprised to find himself working at Microsoft. He was test lead for the Visual C++ compiler for several years, and then became the test lead and joined the language design team for the language that was eventually named C#. After the first release of Visual C#, he experimented with the Program Manager role both on and off the language design team. He is currently a developer on the Windows Movie Maker team.

He blogs at, where he specializes in bad jokes, uninteresting and/or off-topic links, and the occasional nugget of C#-related content.


In his spare time, he enjoys skiing, cycling, home improvement, microcontroller-based holiday decorations, pinball, Halo 2, and writing about himself in the third person.

Comments (12)

  1. Whenever I read something over for Juval, I always edit his bio at the end. I always put down that Juval is secretly Batman, fighting crime in the streets of Gotham at night.

  2. Anil says:

    yup – I read "He’s been programming long enough that he knows what 8-inch diskettes are and could once mount tapes with one hand." and wondered what 8-inch disketted were 😉

  3. David Neal says:

    Yeah, I remember the "…programming long enough…" bio. All of those are great! I for one have not had my sense of humor surgically removed, and encourage you to continue.

  4. msaficionado says:

    this seems like a new addition to ur bio "He is currently a developer on the Windows Movie Maker team" …

    btw over the weekend I was looking for a book on C# that I wanted to add to my book shelf as a reference and I was reviewing your book at B&N with Ander’s C# book and finally ordered the one by ander’s on amazon. your book is the first on my wish list now at amazon and i might order one soon…


  5. Jim says:

    I <i>almost always</i> read author bios and, strangely, the Library of Congress classification on books. (Some of the children’s books are interesting.)

    We had to live by the side of the road in a cardboard box…

  6. Jason Looney says:

    I would re-work the "bad jokes" clause, but I love the "third person" bit at the end. It was unexpected enough to make me laugh out loud.

  7. I read the bit about 8 inch floppys and thought "never saw the 12 inch ones though?" Probably never used punch cards either. 🙂 I love it when you young kids talk about the "old days."

  8. Hermann Klinke says:

    Yeah, that "third person" bit at the end is hilarious!!!

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