Gorge is also a noun

I'm taking next week off, going on a cycling tour along the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon (well, between Oregon and Washington).

We had considered going back to Maui - which I love - but decided to go for something different this year. This is one of those "ease into it" cycling tours - the riding is really pretty minimal (15 miles/day) and you don't camp. This does make it quite a bit pricier than versions where you camp, but considering what airfare, lodging and food cost in Hawaii, I'm sure it will be cheaper in the long run.

My wife and daughter will be on their Burley Tandem, for their first big ride of the year (they would have done the 25 mile Flying Wheels route, but softball got in the way).

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  1. Jim says:

    What a neat idea. How long did it take your daughter to acclimate to being on the tandem?

    (I’m considering this an option for my kids to entice the family into riding. The kids are still using training wheels…)

  2. ericgu says:


    We just got the tandem last fall, when my daughter was 10, and the transition was pretty easy, especially when we put my wife’s old SPD pedals on it, which allowed my daughter to be clipped in. Which she thinks is really cool. In the next year or so, I’m thinking of getting her a real road bike, as the giant kid’s bike that she has must weigh 45 pounds (I’m not kidding).

  3. Rick Strahl says:

    Hi Eric,

    Interesting, since I live both on Maui and in Hood River part of the year. Not much biking on Maui – you’ll be around the island in a day, and up the mountain in a few long hours! Of course nobody goes to Maui for the biking <g>…

    The Gorge on the other hand. You won’t run out of rides here. The real kick here though is the Mountain Biking (and the extreme biking which is not for me)… if you come through Hood River you should make some extra time to stop by the bike shops and find some of the scenic rides up towards Mt. Hood.

    +++ Rick —

  4. Ted says:


    Here’s a ride you may want to consider for a trip in the future – http://www.ragbrai.org/

    Unbelievably fun!

  5. Gerry says:

    And ragdoll is also a verb… ride safe. 🙂

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