Sigh… Sara Williams leaves Microsoft

Being a little behind in my blogs, I just today read that Sara Williams has left Microsoft.

You may not have heard Sara's name before, but you certainly know about the projects she's worked on. Sara had the ability to go against the current and do things that changed Microsoft for the better. Things like GotDotNet, developer centers on MSDN, the developer feedback center on MSDN - Sara was involved in all of these things, and in many cases, she was *the* driver behind them.

In addition, she was a genuinely nice person.

She will be sorely missed.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, right. And after all those years MSDN still cannot find such trivial things like IOleCommandTarget or IHtmlDocument. God, it cannot find CreateWindow!

    And to add insult to injury, it does not even list Win32 in the list of technologies! What a shame…

    Google still beats the crap out of MSDN search.

  2. Michael Collinson says:

    Ah, I salute her! It is nice to put a name to one of the best things Microsoft has ever done. She would be a very major reason I switched to C# from C, it was just so easy to go and find physical working examples of pretty much everything I’ve wanted to do and still is.

    I went kicking and screaming from FORTRAN to C and have been a very happy UNIX camper, so she has moved a rather large rock.

  3. Justin Grant [MSDN] says:

    Hi Anonymous –

    We know how inmportant it is to improve search, and have been hard at work trying to improve. Visual Studio 2005 has an improved search UI, improved search relevance, and searches more data sources, including online documents, forums, etc.

    MSDN Online will be rolling out improvements to search UI and relevance later this year.

    I apologize that it’s taken so long to get these improvements done, and please don’t hesitate to send more feedback our way.

    re: the particular problems you reported:

    IOleCommandTarget and IHtmlDocument – Thanks for reporting this. Turns out we made a mistake when publishing the latest version of the COM and COM+ documentation. We’re working on getting this fixed ASAP.

    CreateWindow – Could you provide a URL showing the failure you saw? I tried searching for CreateWindow and the Win32 and WinCE versions of that API are results #1 and #2. Here’s the search results URL I used:

    Thanks again for the feedback– we’re listening and trying to improve.

  4. Justin Grant [MSDN] says:

    anonymous – re: Win32 in the list of technologies, when you say "list of technologies", are you referring to or something else?

    One thing we’ve done in the last year is coalesced all Win32 & COM documentation to one place in the MSDN Library: Is this useful?

  5. Justin Grant [MSDN] says:

    OK, we tracked down the problem to the COM and COM+ documentation. Turns out we changed URLs for those docs without putting up redirects to keep old bookmarks working.

    The problem should now be fixed– existing bookmarks to COM and COM+ pages work agagin, as does search for COM APIs. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for reporting the problem!

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