BWM 3 series tires…

I bought some new tires for my 328i a few weeks ago.

I've had lots of good luck with Michelin tires over the years, but doing some research this time showed me that the Michelins that I liked were going to be $160 per tire. That's a fair bit of money for tires.

I spent some time at reading the reviews, and ended up choosing a set of Yokohama V4s tires for $104 a tire. After a few weeks on them, I'm pretty happy. They're grippy in both the wet and the dry and you can feel when you're about to lose traction. They're reasonably quiet on the freeway - not quite as quiet as I'd hoped, but the 3-series isn't designed to be a super-quiet car.

I got them from Discount Tire, who gave me really nice service. They were cheaper and had more selection than Costco.

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  1. Tom HIll says:

    Myself, I have wanted one of these since I saw the first ad….

  2. MSDNArchive says:

    I did the same thing on my M-Coupe…Unfortunately I felt the Yokos were inferior to the Michelin Pilots over the long haul.

    They didn’t last as long, and after about 6000 miles they seemed to "harden"; both wet and dry traction degraded. They felt like rollerskate wheels.

    YMMV; down here in Houston we have mucho ground-level ozone which really beats tires up.

  3. rmbuan says:

    oh my a fellow M Coupe 🙂 I have a 00′ M Coupe myself. I used pilot sports before and now i’m running Bridgestone S-03 pole position. THe S-03 is excellent overall though it sucks on very cold weather 🙂 I’m going to try the Yokohama A032Rs for my track/autocross, i heard alot of good reviews about it.

    Btw, methylamine are you on


  4. James says:

    When you need to get your tires rotated, take your car back to discount tire and they’ll balance and rotate them for free.

  5. Page Brooks says:

    I had the exact same problem with my tires on my 325i a few weeks ago. Apparently they only get ~30,000 miles before they need to be replaced and they cost way too much.

  6. John says:

    I found to have a great selection and they had the Yokohama V4s for less at the time. I like the Michelin better for my 5 series however and ended up with them. Again had a better price then the rack or discount.

  7. mcho says:

    It’s hard finding tires. I went to my dealer for a new set, but they wanted to charged over $500 for OE’s and installation on my 03 325i. Instead, I went to for the OE’s, which are Continnetal, and got them for less than $80 per tire delivered and then my trusted mechanic put them on for $10 a tire. The OE’s are a great tire for the price and they last for about 40,000 which is about right for sport tires. Best of all, I saved almost half but not going to the dealer.

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