Go ahead and panic…

I wrote earlier about some misgivings about the upcoming Hitchhiker's Movie.

Okay, I blew one issue out of proportion.

But today, I came across a review of a pre-screening of the film by MJ Simpson, author of the biography, "Hitchhiker".

There's a short review, and a long version, with spoilers. He starts the short review with:

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie is bad. Really bad. You just won't believe how vastly, staggeringly, jaw-droppingly bad it is. I mean, you might think that The Phantom Menace was a hopelessly misguided attempt to reinvent a much-loved franchise by people who, though well-intentioned, completely failed to understand what made the original popular - but that's just peanuts to the Hitchhiker's movie. Listen.

(a nicely-written takeof on "the universe is big...")

The long version concludes:

Hitchhiker's is not so bad that it's good. It's just miserably, depressingly bad. It misses the point by a light year. Is it a good movie? No. Is it a good version of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? Definitely not. It is ill-conceived, badly written, poorly directed and worst of all staggeringly unfunny. It is a travesty of a film. I mourn for it, I really do.



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  1. James Curran says:

    In the interest of not repeating myself, so my comments in response to Chris Sells message on the same article:


  2. Steve Hiner says:


    I guess I’ll stick with my tape of the BBC TV series. At least it’s not jaw-droppingly bad.

  3. Joel says:

    Well at least see the movie before you pass judgment on it (or rather, let someone else do so for you).

    And certainly a strong argument can be made for the Hitchhiker biographer to be one of the *worst* people to review such a movie: every omission will appear to them as a glaring, unforgiveable error because of their conviction in how it "ought to be" and intimate familiarity with the work.

    Ironically, those least familiar with the original material may end up being the ones who are able to appreciate the movie the most — that is, as a creative work to be appreciated on its own footing.

  4. Joel says:

    And here’s a couple very positive reviews of the film, which also have a lot of good points on MJ Simpson’s perspective as well.



    "It’s at this point that Simpson’s opinion of the movie and mine diverge rather radically, because he seems to think that you can judge the film’s merits almost purely on what’s missing, in combination with things that don’t appear as quite as he’d have liked them. Personally, I loved it to bits."

    Watch, then decide!!

  5. Steve Hiner says:

    There are a couple really good reviews.

    This guy absolutely loved it and he appears to be a huge fan of the books/radio/TV verions (70%):


    This guy liked it a lot too (4/5 stars):


    I wasn’t planning to see it on opening night but now I’m thinking I’ll be there.

  6. We had a "morale event" at the theater today, attending the opening of The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy….

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