Web-based community sites…

I'm looking for a place to host a site with some information for our homeowner's association. I'm considering MSN groups, but would like to know what else is out there.

My requirements:

  1. Document storage
  2. Discussion forums, with email delivery
  3. Authentication
  4. Simple, and not too cluttered with ads


Comments (8)

  1. Have you looked at Community Server? I know we at ASP.NET are in the process of negociating with a few large hosters to have very interesting offers around CS.

  2. Tod says:

    Just so you know…MSN Groups is running in maintenance mode now without any further software updates planned.

  3. Get a cheap hosting package and use software for it? It would only cost you 2 euro’s at month and you have got way more control.

  4. Eric,

    I am looking for the same. I am considering Dotnetnuke.com engine for this. Have you looked at it? It is like sharepoint portal.

    Will you be interested in co-hosting something like it?


    [www.ipattern.com do you?]

  5. Sytelus says:

    This may be obvious but I own 5 groups at Yahoo! groups and it’s been pretty satiesfactory so far.

  6. Jason Haley says:

    Other than #4 (too many ads), Yahoo seems to fit.

  7. I have been looking at this for a small while, I started to write my own system but have decided to go with Community Server.

    CS has all you can need at the moment and from what I here there is more to come…

    At the moment my site is nothing much but if you want to have a look you are more then welcome, Starting to work on a Game Devleopment Community for Managed Coders…


    The above URL is temp, as I have registered a Domain and just waiting for the system to replicate it.

  8. I use Yahoo groups for my HOA. It’s easy, simple, and does everything we need. And the database feature lets you define table to store any custom type of info: like contact info for you neighbors or the HOA officers (of course you can lock down visibility to only group members).

    Yahoo Groups also have RSS.

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