Free Ebooks…

Apress has decided to make some of their back catalog available as free downloadable e-books. This includes Troelson's "COM and .NET Interoperability", a book I used to have until it went walkabout.

Andrew obviously doesn't get any revenue from this, so if you like his work, you might consider buying C# and the .NET Platform.

Comments (13)

  1. Ranjit says:

    Please send the details relate to C# e-book.

  2. Jørn says:

    The books look nice, but was terrible to read on my iPaq. I’ve read several other books on it, but not in PDF however. Do the books come in any other format or can they be converted somehow?

  3. neha bagaria says:


  4. vithun says:

    would you plz give me some c# books

  5. umair naveed says:

    i want to study the books freely.

  6. Eric Gunnerson segnala che APress ha messo a disposizione alcuni "vecchi" libri per il download gratuito.

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