Software Dinner

I went to the Joel on Software dinner last night at Crossroads mall.

At least, I think it was for Joel, though it was hard to get close enough to be sure given the mass of people around him. If you were there to listen to Joel, you might have been disappointed as only those near him could hear him.

People I ran into included Alan (aka Yag), Alex, Dare (aka Carnage4Life), Rory (aka Neopolean), and, of course, Robert (aka "the Scobleizer"). 

Looks like I need to come up with some sort of alias...

It was a pretty good event, but about triple the size of most blogger meetups at crossroads, and it had a weird dynamic because some of the people were bloggers, and some were fans of Joel. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but if you're an active blogger and you talk with people who only read one blog, you probably wont be spending your time talking about blogs.

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  1. Larry Smith says:

    "Looks like I need to come up with some sort of alias…"

    How ’bout Eric the Read?

  2. PatternGuru says:

    Or "The lone Gun man"?

    Or "Sonoffagun" / "Son of a Gun"?


    (Ok, this is getting silly. You should pick your own alias. ;-))

  3. Sheesher says:

    I am currently reading his book. His comments on how MSFT operates internally (or at least how it did for him) rattle me sometimes. Did you read the book?

  4. 11111 says:


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