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Last winter, I was talking with a friend about music, and he asked if I had any reggae songs. My first response was "no", but after I thought about it, I came up:

The Scorpions - Is there anybody there? (Lovedrive)

Definitely a strong reggae beat there. There were two others in my collection that I've forgotten.

What ones can you add?

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  1. Arild Fines says:

    Led Zeppelin’s D’yer Mak’er definitely has a reggae beat to it.

  2. it depends on what you classify as "reggae". Most people hear the word reggae and immediately think of Marley (or anything "island" sounding), but reggae is a subclass of Ska, and there are 3 generations of Ska…Marley having a profound impact on the first generation, quite easy to identify. If you have any tracks by The Police, The Specials, etc…they are all 2nd generation Ska (and thus Reggae). The most notable identifier of Ska is a strong emphasis rythmically on beats 2 and 4 in a single bar. For more info, check out this link:

  3. Brad Wilson says:

    Geez, only one replier, and I was already out-scopped with The Police/Sting’s occasional foray into reggae. :-p

    There have been some rather obvious modern ska bands that made it pretty popular. No Doubt (changed style, might’ve actually broken up at this point) and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones are a couple that come to mind.

    No Marley in my collection. It makes you want to smoke pot and hold protests, and who has time for that anymore? :-p

  4. Marc Bernard says:

    Try Big Sugar:

    As close to reggae rock as I can think of.


  5. . says:

    don’t forget the clash/strummer

  6. Dan McKinley says:

    Led Zeppelin – Dyer Maker, and the Rolling Stones have a few, "Cherry Oh Baby" being the most blatant. Mick Jagger did a couple of songs with Peter Tosh, if you want to count that.

  7. Gus Perez says:

    I think of 311 ( when presented with reggae and rock in the same sentence. Though I’m not a fan of theirs at all…

  8. There are a lot of skapunk bands around, especially in SoCal where No Doubt comes from. They’ve now changed into playing "rock steady" instead, which is a different type of ska (like reggae is also a different type, as explained above by Jayson). Here is some more info about the history of ska:

    Can add a lot of skapunk bands to the list, for example Rancid, Operation Ivy, Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake, Big D and the Kids Table, No Comply, Spunge etc etc. Some songs by NOFX and early Millencolin songs have ska-influence as well.

  9. Brian Noyes says:

    Funny, I was just listening to Is There Anybody There? last night and noting the reggae beat due to my recent return from a vacation in St. Martin, and thinking how unique that was…

  10. Must have some UB40 … red red wine

  11. some guy says:

    Obviously early Police is a great example rock/reggae mixture (with some punk thrown in).

  12. mute says:

    Also check out the connection between early punk and reggae, bands like The Clash, Public Image Ltd. and the Sex Pistols dabbled in both reggae and dub. Also, to find reggae artist crossing over to rock, check out SoulJazz Records compilations (like 1-500% Dynamite or Studio One Rockers/Scorchers)

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