Word for the day – “Plastination”

Plastination is a process of preserving animals in which water and lipids (fats) are replaced with a polymer. It yields anatomical specimens of eerie realism.

You can probably identify this animal:

Dissection can also be done - here's an interesting exhibit:


I find it fascinating, but as this article notes, there are some who think it crosses the line.


Comments (11)

  1. Chris Lundie says:

    I’d rather have my body used for research than put on display, but it’s still better than turning into a compost heap or a pile of ashes.

  2. Sam Meldrum says:

    Compost heaps are better for the environment.

  3. Louis S. Berman says:

    I never heard the word until last night when I watched a BBC / PBS show called "Regency House Party" which featured a creepy German doctor decked out in 1820s togs displaying his "wares". Imagine my surprise when I saw "Plastination" pop up as todays post. Weird! I guess every strange idea has it’s day.

    Anyway, I tried to find a website with the mysterious doctor but I couldn’t find one. The below listed links, however, should be good start for those who want to delve further into this creepy world:





  4. Chris Lundie says:

    Okay, they can use me for medical research, and *then* let me turn into a compost heap. And then sell the organic mushrooms that grow out of me – this could be good for economy too.

  5. DanielR says:

    Louis, the name of the German doctor is Gunther von Hagen. You can find his website at <a href="http://www.koerperwelten.de/">http://www.koerperwelten.de/</a&gt;.

  6. Uwe Keim says:

    This Gunther von Hagen has a rather bad reputation in Germany now. There was a title story in "Der SPIEGEL" (http://www.spiegel.de) some month ago about some bad habits they claim about him buying new corpses…

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