There's a new flu going around Microsoft. So far, it's only been caught by a few people, but I think that in the next two weeks, it's going to reach epidemic proportions.

Apparently, if you've got it, you can't even get out of your chair for hours, and there's no vaccine that works on it. There's no official name yet, but people have taken to calling it "Covenant Flu"

I'm pretty sure I'm going to catch it. In about 11 days...

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  1. Ivan says:

    I’ve been planning to catch it, probably on 11 November, when a certain game for a particular big black console launches in the UK. But my sons have said that I can’t take the day off work if they can’t have the day off from school.

    So that’s scuppered then. 😉

    But I do have a 8-way Halo2 LAN party organized for the next weekend!

  2. Actually, I’m coming down with a bout of San Andreasitis tonight.

    Nasty stuff.

  3. Droooool…..sniff sniff 🙂

    I’m just a measly college kid so skipping classes for me is no problem. I’ll just have to tell the people at work that I won’t be in.

    So how are you guys at MS preparing for this momentus occasion. I am planning on taking out a projector for the weekend, hooking it up at home and stocking up on plenty of soda and chips. Let the games begin 🙂

  4. Smeg says:

    We can only hope 😀

  5. Smeg says:

    Apparently, if you’ve got it, you can’t even get out of your chair for hours

    Well then ive had it the last few decades 😀

  6. MBA says:

    Helpful For MBA Fans.

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