NASA World Wind (Warning: Don’t read this post)

You had to go and read it, didn't you.

Today I got a link to an application I had been hoping to write, someday. Take various sources of imagery of the earth (landsat, topo maps, USGS aerial, etc.) Add in elevation data from the Shuttle synthetic aperture radar mapping mission. Serve it all up in an interfact using DirectX. Enjoy.

It's incredibly cool. I navigated to some of the ski areas where I go, and was able to rotate the mountain views around. Has to be seen to be believed.

Oh, and it's written in C# using managed DirectX.


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  1. Vermyndax says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t get it to do much but rotate the earth around and draw boxes where the satellites have taken photos. I haven’t been able to zoom in to any level of detail… how do you do that? Geez.

  2. Corey says:

    Pull up the Key Chart and it shows how to zoom, pan, tilt and all the features like that. Pretty awesome!

  3. Steinar Herland says:

    I agree. The program is awesome, – Used it to show my 6 year old the path from Norway (where we live) to Singapore when we went for vacation some weeks ago. The ‘problem’ is however that all the images are downloaded from a centralized server, and this overloads the image-servers. Using some sort of P2P protocol, like BitTorrent, to get the images world _realy_ speed up this. Done right, this could even be used to enable small 3’d party providers to supply data/images without having they’r servers ruined.

  4. uwe says:

    I wonder how much a tool/application benefits from being announced in the MSDN blogs here…

    Hopefully some day my application will be talked about here, too 😉 (maybe I should give aways free copies to all Microsoft employees 🙂

  5. DM McGowan II says:

    Nice program, requires patience but definitely cool and useful, a great combination.

  6. Jay Nathan says:

    Eric: Have you seen this: Haven’t downloaded World Wind yet. Does it take advantage of the tiling web service? (Just realized this is a MS site…)

  7. Mark says:

    I am looking for blogger open source, I want to develop a bogger



  8. xanth06 says:

    When will all you windoze freaks rember there are far better mac OSX users out here so write the @#$# program where we can use it

  9. n00b says:

    It’s quite cool. But I have a question, how do I zoom in so I can see as detailed pictures as this one:


  10. Eric says:

    You can either use the scrollwheel of the mouse, or use the keys. There’s help that gives the keymap that shows how to do all sorts of things.

  11. josh says:

    awsome program, takes too long to download the images even on 512k!!, this could be fixed by downloading countries that you like maybe… like in full res…so yeh. Also no matter what packs i download from the official site i still cant seem to get the high res pics that they show…? any ideas?

  12. DanielR says:

    There seems to be some problem with the image server. To get the high res pictures, you can download the zip files from the Worldwind homepage (AddOn Packs) and unzip them to the WorldwindCache directory.

  13. MBA says:

    Helpful For MBA Fans.

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