Music Recommendations

I'm spending a lot more time listening to music in my new job, and I'd like to expand my collection.

That's where you come in.

I need some recommendations. For reference, here are a few group I listen to:


  • Rush
  • Green Day
  • Third Eye Blind
  • The aforementioned Queensryche
  • The Police
  • The Cars
  • The Who

Jazz (ish):

  • Rippingtons
  • Lee Ritenour
  • Bruce Hornsby

Industrial/Whatever (I don't keep up on the labels...)

  • BT
  • Orbital
  • Robert Miles
  • Stereo MC's
  • The Crystal Method


Comments (54)

  1. What, no hip hop?

    – Anything Biggie

    – Jay-Z

    – Mos Def

    – Common

    – Talib Kwali

    No funk?

    – George Clinton

  2. Frans Bouma says:

    I miss Dream Theater! 🙂 and Deep Purple.

  3. Rock:






    Buddy Guy

    Booker T & The MGs

    Booker T. Laury


    Southern Culture on the Skids

    (most like surf guitar meets redneck punk)

    A second for George Clinton

  4. Forgot one:

    Moody Blues

  5. Mark Allan says:

    From that lot, it sounds like you might go for Dream Theater, Brian Eno or the Chemical Brothers. Alternatively, find a reasonably eclectic radio show (my favourite is and buy the stuff you like!

  6. Steve - O says:

    I’m going to recommend a Canadian band that kind of has a Rush sound(they’ve even opened for them), they are called <a href="">Wide Mouth Mason</a> and I recommend their first <a href="">self titled album</a> to start. You should be hooked after that.

  7. Zach Johnson says:


    Susan Tedeski


    They Might Be Giants

    Crash Test Dummies

    Flaming Lips

    Bare Naked Ladies



  8. Tim says:

    Original Soundtracks are good, although they don’t fit with what you have down.

    John Williams

    Danny Elfman

    Jerry Goldsmith

    Howard Shore (Lord of the Rings)

    Klaus Badelt (Pirates of the Carribean)

    As for others, how about:


    I second the Moody Blues & AC/DC.

  9. Daniel Auger says:

    If you like Orbital you may really enjoy David Bowie "Earthling", which was his attempt to meld rock and Drum’n’Bass/Jungle. Sample the song "Little Wonder" to get a feel for it.

  10. Daniel Auger suggested Earthling.

    Similarly, 1. Outside is very interesting… thrashy/techno concept album. You’ll recognize one of the tracks as the closing music from Se7en (Heart’s Filthy Lesson)

    I’d like to recommend:

    Anything by VAST. Especially the first two albums.

    Anything by Rob Dougan – but he has only one album (Furious Angels). You can listen to the entire album online at

    Anything by Hooverphonic.

  11. froz says:

    Two rock bands that I’d suggest- Dredg (Leitmotif) and Mars Volta. Both have a good rock edge but are excellent examples of where music has come in the past 15 years. It’s bands like these that make me look forward to the music coming up instead of reminiscing about the past.

  12. jim says:

    Miles Davis

    The re-release of Bill Cosby & Quincy Jones

    The remix of the above.

  13. Eran Kampf says:

    Pink Floyed (!!!)

    Bad Religion

    Dire Straits

    Blue Oyster Cult

    Joe Satriani

    Eric Clapton (the unplugged album)

  14. dhp says:

    Check out Butch Walker and his former band The Marvelous 3

  15. Industrial/Whatever


    Deep Dish


    Paul Van Dyk

    John Digweed


    The Chemical Brothers

    Massive Attack

    Fatboy Slim





  16. Ken Scott says:


    Pat Metheny

    David Sanborn

    Real Jazz:

    Miles Davis’ second quintet (with Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter and Tony Williams) especially:

    Filles de Kilimanjaro


  17. Robert Kozak says:

    I like Everything but the Girl

    -Language of Life (Especially Imagining America. It was the song that got me to listen to them)


    -Like The Deserts miss the Rain

    Three Doors Down

    Foreigner — omg what a great band 🙂


    Paul Oakenfold

  18. josh ledgard says:

    I’ve been finding some local (seatle) music great to listen to at work of late.

    The Postal Service has one excelent CD out. You can hear a sample on that site.

    I would also recomend "Death Cab for Cutie"

    Thier two most recent CD’s are great.

    Lastly I would give Modest Mouse a listen.

  19. josh ledgard says:

    Oh… and "Cake" too. Time to get thier new album. 🙂

  20. Michael Turner says:

    I’d second the Dream Theater.

    Lacuna Coil is an italian band that is very good as well.

  21. Steve Kickert says:

    I have been doing alot of Jazz listening lately and a few of my favs are:

    Steve Oliver

    Dave Koz

  22. Jason Kemp says:

    The Tragically Hip: a Canadian band that’s HUGE in Canada but unfortunately not in the US.

  23. Ben Martin says:

    I will second the above recommendation of Paul Oakenfold, or for that matter any more trance in general. Oakendold’s album Tranceport is one I like to listen to while working. For some non-Oakenfold trance, I also like the first Northern Exposure from Sasha and Digweed, though anything by them should probably be good.

    For a more out there suggestion, there is an obscure electronic "group" called Trancenden (well, they are really like one person – Tal Klein – these days) and I like them. Trancenden is trip hop and some other styles in that vein.

    The house favorite around here though, though it has no connection with what you seem to listen to right now, is Nelly Furtado, especially her latest album Folklore.

    I could also give some more boring and obvious recommendations like the Beatles, Coldplay, Moby, and anything by Beethoven or Dvorak. Oh, and bluegrass. Bluegrass is good for work too….

  24. Sandy Place says:

    Good Indie Pop

    The Shins

    The Weakerthans

    The Wannadies

    The Grays (hard to find)


    Ed Harcourt

    The Libertines

    Death Cab for Cutie

    Saturday Looks Good To Me

  25. phool says:

    Eric, instead of seeking new music, let it come to you.. plug this into your aggregator

    It aggregates a bunch of mp3 blogs that have sample mp3’s with them.. its a really interesting way of getting to get some background information on some music while also getting a wide array of genres.

    Kevin (Undernet #c# phool)

  26. Mike Lorengo says:

    If you like Old Rush & Alex Lifeson Listen to

    The White Stripes or for mp3 downloads of live concerts get some here

  27. BMoscao says:

    You gotta listen to Dream Theater.

    It’s a must have. 😉

  28. Nick says:

    In the Rock/Pop category I would say Lucia ( In the Industrial/Rock category i’d say KMFDM ( and for a live radio of all their songs and related bands songs).

  29. Matt Garven says:

    If you like concept albums check out the swedish band Pain of Salvation, try "BE" (their newest offering) or any other studio album (they’re all good!).

    Try Porcupine Tree’s "In Absentia" for a progressive mix between Third Eye Blind and Rush.

    I’ll give Dream Theater their 4th recommendation also. Once again, if you’re a fan of concept albums you can’t go past "Metropolis Part II: Scenes from a Memory".

  30. pasquale says:


  31. Steve Crane says:


    Bad Religion

    The Donnas



    Pearl Jam


    Arno Carstens (ZA)


    Prime Circle (ZA)




    Springbok Nude Girls (ZA)

    Presidents of the USA

    The Offspring

    System of a Down

    Kings of Leon

    Juluka (ZA)

    Midnight Oil


    Level 42

    Manhattan Transfer

    If you can’t find music by the ZA (South African) artists, you can buy online from

  32. On electronic music from europe you can listen to:

    – BrothomStates – Claro

    – Client – Client

    – Console – Rocket in the Pocket

    – Console – Reset the Preset

    – Oi Va Voi – laught through Tears

  33. Eric,

    Let me recommend you some South African punk / rock, which I’m sure you’ve *never* heard before!

    Check out Prime Circle, Tweak, Tree63, Sarron Gass (used to be from here), Springbok Nude Girls, and of course Johnny Clegg.


  34. BimJeam says:

    As I’m a Sax player, and since you like Lee Ritenour, I would recommend anything with Michael Brecker (including his stuff in the the Brecker Brothers band).

  35. James Steele says:

    Here was a survery performed by the Register about what IT people are listening too.

  36. Matt says:

    Since you like Green Day and Third Eye Blind i think you’ll probably like Jimmy Eat World, their new CD is out on monday which promises to be awesome. The previous album was fantastic.

    Green Day just did a live set for radio 1 in the uk which you can stream from their site

  37. J Donnici says:

    On that "Industrial/Whatever" category… Look into:

    Shpongle (if you like BT…)

    Rob Dougan

    Juno Reactor


    Massive Attack

    If you only check one of these out, make it Shpongle — "Are You Shpongled?" is the place to start.

  38. Blues:

    Sonny Landreth

    Howlin’ Wolf

    Robert Lockwood, Jr.


    The Iguanas


    Liquid Soul

  39. Andy Sujdak says:

    you’ve never heard of these guys before, but if you like queensryche i think you’ll really enjoy Caroline’s Spine. band out of Oklahoma.

  40. Arild Fines says:

    How about some King Crimson?

  41. Kris says:

    If you want a good ska/punk album, and you like Green Day, then you have to pick up "10,000 maxed out slappy hours…" (I can’t remember the exact name but you can’t miss it.) Also, Fugazi’s "13 Songs" is a masterpiece.

    For modern stuff, there is some pretty cool indy rock like the Shins, Wilco, and Interpol. Also, Radiohead’s "Hail to the Thief" and "OK Computer" are *amazing* albums.

  42. Bruce says:

    Search Engine Watch had a pointer to a few months ago. It’s a very nice way to explore music relationships.

  43. Sjoerd Verweij says:

    For trance, try Underworld (Born Slippy, but especially Jumbo — gawd I love that song)

  44. Dana says:

    Well, seeing Queensryche and Rush paired with more straight forward rock bands has kind of thrown me for a loop…. so I will recommend the following bands:

    Rock with an interesting edge:

    King’s X

    Joe Satriani

    And a little more progressive:

    Fates Warning


    And just plain cool:

    Apocaliptica – (Metallica done on cellos!)

  45. Claudio Brotto says:

    Well, can I suggest you:

    // High relax

    Ennio Morricone

    J.M. Jarre

    // Medium Relax

    Peter Gabriel

    Massive Attack


    // Low relax, a bit more of rock


    Deep Purple


    It’s just a short list, hope you can find something you like.



  46. KC says:

    How about some so called "World Music"? You won’t be disappointed by this stuff.

    Fela Kuti (try "The best best of Fela Kuti" available on Amazon)

    Yerba Buena

    Salif Keita

    Angelique Kidjo (try her first album "Aye")

    Tony Allen (No Discrimination or NEPA album)

    Also try and get your hands on a compilation called "Nigeria 70".

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