Couches * 2 (thank you Levitz)

This morning two new couches showed up at our residence this morning.

We'd originally headed out furniture shopping - not one of my favorite pasttimes - because we had some couch needs. The basement / rec room couch was nearly 15 years old (that's 90 in human years), and not only did it not fit the space, it was having some problems with sagging. Oh, and it was dirty, since we bought it in a special "can't readily be cleaned fabric" that is (or at least was) light colored.

The living room couch was covered in Nubuck leather, which has a nice, soft, suede feel. For about 5 minutes. Here are a few tips on Nubuck leather):

  • Nubuck leather is very prone to staining and soiling
  • Nubuck leather is difficult to maintain
  • Nubuck leather is very susceptible to becoming flattened with wear or scuffing

Hey, I've got a tip for you. DON'T BUY NUBUCK LEATHER! There are some nice microfiber fabrics that have a similar feel but wear much better.

So, our dark green leather couch had, over time and due to a few unfortunate feline encounters, transformed itself from a couch to what can only be termed a "somewhat decorative space-occupier", and served mostly to embarass us whenever we had people over ("Whatever you do, don't sit on the couch...")

So, after hitting one store, we ended up at Levitz, which occupies the space where Sears' Homelife used to be.

First of all, the store carries a ton of stuff, and the quality seems to be reasonable. We ended up working with Cliff, who spent some time talking with us about the rooms where the couches would be, what surfaces and colors we had, whether we had children or pets, etc. He then showed us a number of different couches.

We choose a Berkline dual-recliner model for the downstairs room, in a medium brown leather. The recliners work well, and it doesn't take up too much space.

For upstairs, we wanted something a little more formal. After showing us a few options, Cliff took us to see a custom-color (ie Levitz specified the color) Italian couch in olive. We chose that for the living room.

This morning, Levitz showed up at 10:20 (in their 10AM - 1PM window), delivered both couches, and even carried the downstairs couch (with sleeper) up and put it in our garage.

Definitely recommended.


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