Another way to "improve" your hand-eye coordination.


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  1. Matt Hawley says:

    the noise when you hit a wall is annoying, especially when you hit it 50 times in 3 min.

  2. Steven Don says:

    Good grief. That’s pretty difficult. Tempted to hold my mouse upside down.

    I really need a bigger mousepad. Picking up the mouse to move it to the other side of the pad invariable sends the cursor flying inches off its position.

  3. Todd Harris says:

    Wow, that’s awesome.

    Anybody who said they’re perfect at it turned their mouse upside down first 🙂

  4. The meat grinder of 18 is tricky. =)

  5. Kevin Blakeley says:

    My company is going to send you a bill for all the wasted time spent on this …..

    Talk about frustrating….

  6. Aiax says:

    This is actually pretty easy when you spend a lot of time playing RPG with your mouse orientation reversed, as most RPG/shooter games do.

  7. Steve Hiner says:

    They should have rankings.

    I finished all 20 levels in around 6 or 7 minutes.

    Anyone else have trouble using a mouse normally after playing that for a while?

  8. Martino says:

    Done, but i need a better mouse and mouse pad now…

  9. Darren Oakey says:

    hmm… gotta stop reading this blog. And repair that mouse shaped hole in my window.

  10. Philip Rieck says:

    Actually, just look at it as if you’re moving the maze around the blue dot. It becomes insanely easy after your mind switches gears – you can stop thinking completely (my goal in any day)

  11. MAN!!….its awesome. I’m done with it ….and still moving the mouse in opposite directions 😛

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