And so it ends…

Nearly 10 years ago, when I was only 1E years old, I joined the Visual C++ compiler test team to test the new multiple rebuild feature. Since then, I was a lead for testing the whole C++ compiler, helped test a new compiler back end (aka optimizer), and spent the last big chunk of time working on C#, both as a test lead and as a PM.

Now, my Journey on the Circle of Life (actually, a more correct term would be the "Circle of Disciplines" as I move amongst the disciplines from Test to PM to Dev, but I think that "Circle of Disciplines" might have the wrong connotations to some...) continues as I leave the C# team to go to Movie Maker.

I'll be off next week, and likely will not be blogging much. I'm not sure what I'll be writing about in my new role - it's going to take me a while to ramp up and to figure out what I can talk about.

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  1. Mark Pitman says:

    You’re going to have to come up with a new title for your blog too 🙂

  2. paul says:

    Thanks for the look inside the C# Team!

    Good luck with the Movie Maker…

    "I am experimenting upon an instrument which does for the eye what the phonograph does for the ear, which is the recording and reproduction of things in motion …."

    –Thomas A. Edison, 1888

  3. Kevin says:

    Good luck Eric! You need to get the movie maker product to include the panning features in PhotoStory for still shots, but with more customization stuff. That would rock!



  4. Julian Gall says:

    You could talk about whether a .NET language can be used for a product like Movie Maker and how Microsoft goes about protecting its products from decompilation. Have a great time in your new role!

  5. Jose says:

    Good luck and thanks

  6. Ramprakash says:


    Wish you all the best with the new role.

  7. Eric –

    Movie Maker looks awesome! Any recomendations for a digital movie camera that you’ve found works best for Movie Maker? What are you using??

  8. Ablog says:

    I’ve recently signed on to do the updated version of A Programmer’s Introduction to C# for Apress. The first two editions of this book were written by Eric Gunnerson, who was the C# PM, but announced in September has was moving to another team in Microsoft. Gary emailed me to…

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