Remotable Windows Media ActiveX Control

A while back, I posted about my problems getting this to work, and I got an email back from somebody internal who had something that works.

I got an email from somebody inside of Microsoft who had solved the problem by wrapping the Windows Media Player ActiveX control in another control, and then using that control from C#. I got permission to post the code, though I should warn you that it's fairly untested.

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  1. Matthew W. Jackson says:

    HA HA! That sounds VERY familiar. We had to do that for AutoDesk’s DWF Viewer control. It’s *supposed* to work in .NET, but it’s very screwball and the designer does not like it. They don’t even provide a PIA, which to me means they DON’T support it in .NET.

    Also, their control has a problem with repeated asynchronous loads, so in our wrapped version the loads are put into a cue and forced to be synchronous. The other choice was to use the IE control to host the viewer, which worked fine, but added an overhead that we were not happy with.

    I could rant about AutoDesk and their proprietary formats, buggy libraries (pure virtual function calls anyone?), and lack of backwards-compatability with ActiveX controls, but this isn’t the place.

    Any word on when Media Player will have more .NET interfaces? Is this part of WinFX or Longhorn? At least in your case I expect Microsoft to fully support .NET in their future libraries.

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