Good subjects for IR photography?

I recently bought an accessory adapter and a Hoya R72 filter for my Canon G3, so that I could do some infrared photography. This is "near IR" photography, the kind where things look weird

not thermal infrared, where you can see how hot things are:

The filter cuts down the amount of light by a pretty huge amount - I went from a 400th of a second down to around a 4th of a second on an outdoor scene.

The results were as I expected (weird and very red), but I'm looking for some advice on subjects.

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  1. paul says:

    anything apart from the Sun apparently! although trees/distance would seem to be favourites (

  2. I did tons of IR (using film). Good subjects are pretty much everything :-). Sunny landscapes, rusty cars, cityscapes, people… With digital you’ll get very little Wood effect (weird halos around objects), so it is not the same as film.

    Best shooting time is noon which is opposite to normal shooting time which is usually 1 hour before sunset/sunrise and 1 hour after.

  3. SimonT says:

    Thats such a creepy photo I love it.

  4. Eirc, the result looks like that obtained from just using a standard red filter. How is the IR filter different? Marcus

  5. Matt Thalman says:

    Foliage is always good along with a blue sky and some scattered clouds. Flowers are another one. Results will be best on sunny days when there is more infrared light available from the sun.

  6. Sean says:

    How about taking photos of orbs?

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