Removing games from a broken XBox


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  1. Matthew W. Jackson says:

    So when are you guys going to write a Knowledge Base article expaining how to remove a game form a broken X-Box with this video as a reference?

  2. Kris says:

    You guys (MSFT) better get around to sending him a complementary replacement 🙂 (HE BLEED FOR IT!)

  3. If he did it to bring a game back to the US, boy is he going to be pissed. Region enforcement and NTSC, what a bitch 🙂

  4. Matthew W. Jackson says:

    Good old NTSC. I despise PAL, because 50Hz interlaced makes me dizzy.

    But perhaps he wanted to get the game out so he could sell it before moving. I imagine it’d be a lot harder to sell a PAL game here in the states, unless you find a GameStop employee who doesn’t know any better.

  5. TB says:

    Lucky something didn’t go flying when he was swinging that hammer. He had a trashcan over his head, the kids – nothing.

  6. Matthew I’ll take detail over flicker any day

  7. Steven Don says:

    And better colours, too. Good TV’s show things at 100Hz anyway.

  8. Clinton Pierce says:

    Wrong tool for the job. What he really needed was a reciprocating saw (i.e. Sawzall) or an angle grinder. Or if he’s not into the whole power tool thing, then a prybar and a cold chisel…

  9. Matthew W. Jackson says:

    And like 8 extra pixels on NES games.

    The only PAL TV I’ve ever watched must not have been displaying at 100Hz. The better resolution and color thing will be moot once we’re all getting 1080i for every channel, although I don’t know how HD differs on PAL and NTSC.

  10. Dan says:

    Yeah, that’s my brother-in-law there. The sad thing is that he was considering just giving me the XBOX. Instead he decided to destroy it. A good sacrifice for comedy I guess.

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