Yesterday afternoon, I drove my daughter over to eastern Washington, 20 miles from the nearest town and left her with a group of people that I'd never seen before.

Yes, it's camp time, and my daughter is at "horse camp" for a week, at highly regarded "Camp Wahoo". She's been "doing the horse thing" for a couple of years now, so I don't have any worries about any equine-related injuries, but it is one of those bittersweet parental moments. I really want her to have a good time on her own without her 'rents around, but it's a bit sad to realize that as time progresses, I'll be doing a lot more worrying about her than she will worry about being away from me.


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  1. Tim says:

    Yup, I can relate. I dropped my daughter off at a girl scout camp above a local ski resort (a little less than 8,000 feet above sea level)for a week last month. She was anxious to get rid of us, and not thrilled to come home at the end of it. I keep wondering where the little girl who was afraid to leave the yard went.

  2. alois says:

    hmm, wahoo, wasn´t this the name of chris sells famous no touch app?

    your daughter likes c# then too? ;-))

  3. J.M. says:

    I can relate as well. My daughter starts Junior High today.

    On the bright side, she’s taken up an interest in one of my own sports: kayaking. She took her first whitewater class in May, and I’m looking forward to some grandfather/father/daughter trips (my dad and I started when I was in my teens).

    My perspective: she’s not always going to want to be around the ‘rents, but having something in common that’s really fun seems to help.

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