Missing comments and blog problems…

Our blog software got upgraded a few days ago, and that upgrade include comment moderation, as an attempt to deal with comment spam.

The upgrade didn't fully work right, so sometimes things are broken. If you see errors, I apologize. The only thing I know that might help is trying again later - it seems to have something to do with the load balancing on the hosting servers, so if you get the right server, it works fine.

I've turned off comment moderation. I love reading the comments on my blog, but when I have to click the "okay to post" link on *every* comment and then close a browser window for every comment, it's not worth it. It seems that most of the comment spam happens to older posts, and is therefore at the end of a conversation rather than in the middle, so for now I think the cure is worse than the disease. Let me know if you're finding the comment spam bad.

Comments (3)

  1. I’v also had a real hard time with the .Text just dying on me on random operations. Am i the only one having issues with this?

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