“It’s only a model”

I mentioned that I bought my wife a trebuchet. Here's a picture of it.

And where does one go to buy a trebuchet?

Well, duh.


Kim's is the tabletop version.

Oh, and if you don't know what “It's only a model” refers to, I pity you...

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  1. Steve Hall says:

    Hhuurruummpph! It’s ONLY a model! Not even big enough to throw your favorite set of golf clubs clear down the street! Or YOU out of your easy chair! Well, I GUESS it IS better than buying bullets for her gun, eh? (Didja buy her some of those 3/4" iron ammo spheres? If so, be sure to post some pictures of the damage she does with them!)

    Personally, I like the few slightly larger models of hurling machines shown on: http://www.trebuchet.com/story.php/otherfats.html

    I’ve got lotsa of servers that are running those old sluggish Pentium II’s…and I figure one of those should alleviate me the trouble of paying to have ’em scrapped. And it makes it easier for me to "contribute them" to the school across the street!

    Have you ever seen the trebuchet specials on A&E or History channel? Those fun Englishmen with WAY too much time on their hands (or pints IN their hands!) slinging pianos and 30-year old Volvos make me wanna go out and fell a 100′ tree to try and imitate their designs. (I have a few neighbor cars I’d like to "move"…)

  2. Tim says:

    If you don’t know what "It’s only a model" refers to, then you can’t be a TRUE PROGRAMMER because you can’t pass this test:


    (I should make a multiple guess version of it.)

  3. Clinton Pierce says:

    My kid started to build one out of spare parts in the garage. Bits of wood, some aluminum pipe, dishrag, a bucket, rocks, and twine. After a little help, this is what he wound up with: http://www.camfriends.org/users/clintp/firing.mov

    Hurling a baseball 80 yards for a ten-year-old for an afternoon’s work ain’t too bad, I think. The first firing was the funniest. He tried it in the backyard before going to the park and gave himself about 30 feet or so of space. The ball went over the yard, fence (narrowly missing the house), front yard, across the street, over the neighbor’s front yard and landed a couple of feet from the neighbor’s parked car. Oops.

  4. DarthPedro says:

    Looks very phallic… And, it’s a present for your wife, you say? Hmmm… 🙂

  5. building 41 – ’tis a silly place

  6. Steve Hall says:

    Tim: I KNOW a MODEL when I see one! (And this one does NOT have the legs to which I’m accustomed! Not tanned enough…)

    You reminded of an off-color (off-model?) joke I heard at a modeling BOF about 15 years ago at the first or second Borland conference in Monterey: "Those that CAN, model! Those that CAN’T, code!" by none other than Grady Booch. (Fortunately, everyone already had a few too many that night…and a riot did NOT break out… He did clarify it by saying "You noticed that I didn’t say developers?!" I guess his lesson that night was "thus, if you CAN develop, you CAN model too!")

  7. Tim says:

    Steve, I CAN model, the question is, would anyone want me to?

  8. Oh dear…

    How much fun would that be to keep one of those at my desk… Or at a LAN party–as a counterattack weapon when opponents are attacking in AOE2… Hmmm.


  9. Ross says:


    Tagline: Makes Ben Hur look like an Epic


  10. MBA says:

    Helpful For MBA Fans.

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