3 days and counting…

Friday morning at 6:00 AM (!) I leave on my ride to Vancouver, BC. I'll ride about 109 miles on Friday (105 plus 4 miles to my hotel), and then another 82 on Saturday. That will total somewhere around 190 miles total, assuming I don't get lost.

I feel reasonable confident about completing in two days, though I'm unsure how I'm going to feel the second day, as the most that I've done in two days is a 50/70 that I did back in June. I did an “out and back” on the first 35 miles of the route on Saturday (Bellevue to Lake Stevens and back), and though I did it reasonably quickly, it was not a pleasant ride. I'm in the “tapering down” phase - a short ride on Monday, and then a really short ride (~10 miles) on Wednesday night just to loosen my legs up.


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  1. BillT says:

    With your training, it should be OK. Enjoy your ride!

    At least it’s not 120 miles in one day with 10300 ft of climb over three passes above 10500 ft. Low, low O2. The Triple Bypass in Colorado.

    I happened to be up hiking on Mt. Evans (near Echo Lake on the map), when 7200 riders passed by just after the first pass. That’s how I discovered the Triple Bypass. I like a nice bike ride, too, but this seems extreme.



  2. David Evans says:

    Good Luck, take a camera and post some photos.

  3. Jim Argeropoulos says:

    Just keep eating and drinking and you should do fine.

    I did 125 last Saturday and it wasn’t too bad. I was struggling about the 90 point. I took a 45 minute break and had a some food. Things went better after that. I could have done more, but it was time to do some chores.

  4. Rob Chartier says:

    The trip from Vancouver up to Squamish and Whistler is a much better drive/ride IMHO. You should consider it in the future; maybe once all of the construction is over and done with so you dont kill yourself on the fallen rocks. 🙂

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