Stevens Pass Summit Lakes (Grace Lake)

Last Sunday, we went on a short hike to the summit lakes at Stevens Pass Ski Area.

It was the first hike for us this season, and the first one with canine company.

The real trail starts at the top of the Brooks lift (roughly centered in the photo). But to get there, you get to climb 900' up a steep jeep trail (well, you can walk straight up the hill if you want). We started at 8AM to miss the heat, so it wasn't bad.

The trails to the lakes are fairly easy - mostly up and down, but the trail is pretty overgrown in places, so you'll need to spend some time pushing through underbrush.

The lakes are typical alpine lakes - shallow, and very pristine. I didn't take pictures at all of them, but here's one of the very tiny ones.

Recommended, but my knees are a bit sore after the hike down.

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