Not sure what to make of this…

Go Wait for it.

then, perhaps go here and here.

I really don't know what - if anything - this is. But whatever it is, it's interesting...

Comments (3)

  1. Phil Scott says:

    When I did a search for ilovebees on google it suggested "ilovebeer" instead. Now there’s a viral campaign I could get behind.

  2. Ronaldo Nascimento says:


    alternate reality game

    a smart way to get alot of advertising (halo2) for virtually nothing

  3. Rob Williams says:

    Halt – Module Core Hemorrhage

    System Peril Distributed Reflex

    Strong Intrusive Inclination

    Countdown to Wide Awake and Physical

    could be an anagram of…

    Index this ironclad prediction

    Halo Two Singleplayer Demo

    CD-ROM disk incursion at August Twenty-Four

    Earth will never be the same

    or so I’ve been told…

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