JetBrains ReSharper 1.0 now available

JetBrains (of IntelliJ fame) has shipped V1.0 of ReSharper

Comments (5)

  1. Joe White says:

    Hmm, ReSharper is not ready for prime time. It looks nice on a little toy project with nothing but two WinForms, but when I opened up a real solution, it threw 37 exceptions right in a row.

    They’ve got an option to report the exceptions to their Web site, but you have to register for an account first. Once I (grudgingly) did so, they made it fairly painless, although when I tried to *find* the exceptions on their Web site, it didn’t go so nicely. (It turns out that they don’t put ReSharper bugs into their bug database; instead, they get posted on the Web-based forums. Whatever.)

    Maybe I’ll look at it again when they release v1.1…

  2. Chad Myers says:

    I’m nervous like a little schoolgirl about it. I installed one of the betas and it completely hosed VS.NET. I reinstalled it from scratch and it’s still not fully recovered, but it’s good enough to be productive still.

    I’ve heard the 1.0 is much more stable, but still…

  3. Julian Cardarelli says:

    Using it right now in 2003. Runs beautifully, I love IntelliJ and ReSharper brings all those features over to .NET. The refactoring made short work of a few nightmare applications.

  4. Joe Cheng says:

    I’ve been using it with VS.NET 2003 for months. It does occasionally cause VS to hang, and doesn’t like working on extremely large source files, but overall it’s been a fantastic productivity booster, especially for anyone who has experience with IntelliJ.

    Well worth the hiccups and the $99, IMHO.

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