Killing comment spam

Is there a .TEXT utility to let me kill all comments that have a specific URL in them? I've been getting hit with comment spam recently...

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  1. We all have 🙁 I sent mail to Betsy with the offending comment IP address. Fortunately I didn’t have that many posts to clean out.

  2. If you ask that question, I presume that you don’t have access to the SQL Server hosting your blog, do you? Because if you do have access, I think it’s just a matter of doing something like:

    delete from blog_content where PostType = 3 and Text like ‘%<your specific URL>%’

  3. It is not exatly what you are looking for. But i have created a RBL system where you can blacklist comment spammers. Check

  4. Michael Carr says:

    Here’s an idea … how about some sort of .Text plug-in that automatically runs SpamBayes ( on blog entries? THAT would be pretty cool…

  5. Bayesian filtering won’t work for comment-spam because, unlike email-spammers, comment-spammers are not interested in people clicking on links, but want their google ranking to be increased. This means they can copy any existing comment and repost it using their own url, which would pass right through a bayesian filter.

    You need to filter based on the payload, i.e. the URLs in the comment. For Movable Type, MT-BlackList does a great job at this. Don’t know if .Text has anything similar. If it does, the master MT-BlackList blacklist is public, so that can be used as a great starting point of URLs to block.

  6. Shaun F says:

    Another idea could be…

    If comment spam is there mainly for spammers to increase their google rank, would a url redirector work in eliminating their url appearing.

    Along with that you could capture all urls in a comment and store them in a db with an index. that way you could then remove all offending links in one location.

    An upshot of that could also be an easy way to black list urls based on whatever method..

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