Google is my personal search engine

Google gives high weight to blogs. In fact, google gives too much weight to blogs. Too often I've gone to research something that I only know a little about (say, training for a century) and found that my post is on the first page of results. Want to know what it's like to turn 28? I'm apparently the expert.

It does have its uses, however. Today I needed to find an old blog post, and I found that if I type:

eric <word> <word>

more often than not, the first hit is my blog post. Convenient.

Of course, it may be that Google is doing this to protect me from the “Total Perspective Vortex






Comments (7)

  1. jaybaz [MS] says:

    Yep, I rely heavily on google for finding my own posts when I write new ones. I find that googling with "jaybaz" in the search works very well.

    Thanks google.

  2. What a coincidence! I was just blogging about a similar topic last night…

    <a href="">Google Will Rule The World</a>

  3. Kris says:

    I think that one criteria that google uses to rank URLs is to keep track of the number of links from other pages to that site. I’m guessing there are a great deal of links to either your blog or to, thus, increasing the ranking.

  4. Eric, don’t forget that you are listed at least on blogs.msdn which has huge traffic. Another point – you have had your name before blogging era. It is much more harder to gain google ratings blogging from the outside starting with 0.

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