Le Tour

This week starts part of my favorite part of the summer, “Le Tour de France”. The tour is likely the hardest athletic challenge in the world. Last year, Armstrong covered 2100 miles at an average speed of just under 26 MPH, including 7 days of riding over mountain passes.

The best TV coverage is on OLN, though you need to get past the whole “Cyclism” thing. I recommend recording the early morning live broadcast, as they use different commentators for the afternoon recap.

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  1. LanceAlot says:

    go lance!

    have you seen the liveSTRONG bracelets his foundation is selling to raise $$$ for cancer research?


  2. JimG says:

    If you enjoy this type of endurance biking, you might enjoy following Race Across America – http://www.raceacrossamerica.org

    This year’s race just finished up and the solo winner, Jure Robic, went from San Diego, CA to Atlantic City, NJ in 8 days, 9 hours and 51 minutes. That’s nearly 3000 miles with very little sleep at all.

  3. Another tech fan of Le Tour! Has Tyler got a chance?

    We’re looking for contributors to a group blog on TdF [http://2004tourdefrance.blogspot.com] and I’d like to invite you to post as a blog team member.

    If you’d like to, shoot me an e-mail and I’ll send you an "invite".




  4. Johnny Hall says:

    It’s the finest sporting spectacle in the world. I think Tyler has a chance. We’ll have to wait and see.

  5. I’ve loving the tour, too.

    I agree that OLN’s coverage is pretty good. We’ve been TIVOing the live coverage with Phil and Paul; we love Bob Roll, but can’t stand Al "Troutface" Trautwig. (Okay, that is mean, and he isn’t a troutface, but I can’t stand his coverage. What kind of pinhead says "wouldn’t it be great if it started to rain again before the end of the stage?" Bob should slap him when he says dumb.)

  6. John Osborn says:

    Eric, I couldn’t agree more. It’s the one time of year I stay up way too late for a workweek. Even better, the start of TdF coincides with the big four-day bike race in Fitchburg, MA, so we can go watch live racing up close for a few days when sitting in front of the TV gets to be a bit much. We’re pulling for Lance, but would be just as happy to see local hero Tyler take ther yellow jersey in Paris.

  7. theCoach says:

    Also rooting for Tyler Hamilton. Amazing that two Americans are among the top three competitors.

    Do you guys all know that Tyler was a ski racer until he broke his back mountain biking? He had always trained with a road bike (and did very well at Holderness in prep school), but it was not until he broke his back (very high up) that he started cycling seriously – winning NCAA soon after that. Awfully tough kid, but he took it up a notch with last years stage win with a broken collar bone (I wonder how much it cost to get his teeth fixed!?).

    Perhaps it is not as great a story as Lance’s comeback from late stage cancer, but he already has 5.

  8. Travis says:

    You should probably mention that last year was a "wake up call" for Lance also.

  9. tom says:

    where can you get those bracelets?

  10. Eric says:

    You can find the Live strong bracelets at the Lance Armstrong Foundation – http://www.laf.org/

  11. Matt says:

    Go Lance? I really hope we see a changing of the guard this year. It has been tiresome watching UPS grinding their way to a victory the last few years. I would love to see Jan Ulrich come up – he deserves a win as much as anyone else.

    Interesting that the big mountains this year are happening in the final week – makes for a much better tour because the winner will not be decided until the latter stages.

    Go Robbie or Stuey for the Green jersey!

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