Beta1 Suggestions and bug reports

For a long time, sending a bug or suggestion to Microsoft has been a bit of a challenge. For the .NET Beta, we've introduced the MSDN Feedback Center.

I will ask you to bear with us, as we're just getting up to speed on this. You may get answers that aren't as good as you'd like, or we may miss some issues. If you get into a situation where the right thing doesn't happen, feel free to drop me a line, and I'll see what I can do.

This is for beta1 only right now, but we'll expand as time goes on.

Comments (7)

  1. Brian Broom says:

    This is a great idea. I don’t know that it would bear the weight of a normal release type product, simply from the volume of things that would be entered. But I have submitted, and received a response from, one item already. I hope this type of additude continues from MS.

  2. Timothy says:

    Why is SQL Server Express not listed among the products/technologies ?

  3. Hopefully this works out. With the intended target audience for the VS family of products, I hope you get good quality entries.

    Sadly my experience of doing support during the late 80’s for Borland suggests you won’t. (No I don’t have an solutions, and triage could be a real swine)

    Anyway thanks for putting me in touch with the BCL team sometime ago, I got my feature suggestion into Whidbey and I’m a happy camper in general with Whidbey, just please put back the unit testing/code coverage/fxcop stuff in the next release.

    I have to say the CTP releases have made life a lot more interesting and I think that is a good way forward, blogs from the MS folks also help since often it’s the team members explaining the feature they’ve spent many weeks working on. Alex Kipman is a great example of an enthusiastic PM with his posts about MSBuild and comes across as genuinely excited about his portion of Whidbey (to be fair so am I as I can see so many uses for MSBuild and had a good chat with him at TechEd)

  4. Mairead says:

    To provide an answer to Timothy question as to why SQL Server Express was not listed among the producttechnologies list. This was an oversight on our behalf and one that we are currently addressing, so bear with us for the moment. In the interim if you do have any specific issues in regards to SQL Server Express then please log them against Data Tools

    and we will ensure that this issue gets to the correct person/team.

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