JavaOne: Day 0

I flew down from Seattle this morning to attend JavaOne. I'm currently in a lounge, where the wireless is working fine (though I expect the load tommorrow may kill it, as it did at some parts of TechEd).

It's very strange to be at a Sun conference. A few random thoughts:

  1. The Java colors are a lot cooler than the Visual Studio ones.

  2. Being able to pick up your badge through a barcode reader in your hotel is cool.

  3. Not having a quick reference guide or a decent map is a big disadvantage.

  4. Most of us know what a “Hackers Lounge“ is for, but I'm not sure that all the press will have the same understanding.

I'll be writing more tommorrow.

Comments (3)

  1. Shaun McDonnell says:

    Don’t go to the darkside.

  2. gonzo says:

    step into the ligth … come … it is warm and good.

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