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I've been subscribed to the Sun blogs for a few weeks now, but I haven't found much of a reason to recommend them. I'd hoped to find some interesting stuff, but with no editorial filter on top of the feed, it hasn't been worth it to read lots of posts looking for the good ones.

If you've found good ones there, please comment, so I can know who to read.

Oh, and I've decided I hate feeds that aggregate a bunch of blogs together. I subscribe to the Apress one as well, and it has the same issues as the Sun one, though the overall level of post is higher.

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  1. Simon Phipps says:

    I’d recommend Tim Bray’s ‘SunBeams’ round-ups (appearing on several times each week) as a way to find the best posts. The category aggregator isn’t everyone’s taste, I agree – I have to wade through all sorts of low-grade stuff in the Microsoft blogs to find any value.

    In general, I’d suggest if you want insight into how the other half lives that you look at and at for now.


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