The W in Seattle

Last night, my wife surprised me with a night at the W in downtown Seattle as a late birthday present.

The W is currently my favorite hotel by far. I spent a little time last night thinking about why.

It's not because they have a “living room” rather than a lounge.

It's not because there's house (or trance (or drum and base (or something like that))) music playing in the elevators.

It's not because the rooms have really clean design.

It's because the experience is consistent. Somebody took the time to think about the whole hotel experience, and make it as smooth as possible. Even down the “do I want the sheets washed” sign, which is a wheel that lets you set it to whatever you want.

I appreciate that level of thought.

We had dinner at Cutters, a great place for seafood.

This morning after breakfast we walked over to the new Seattle Library. Nice building, but the neon green is too jarring.




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  1. Yeah it’s a fantastic hotel. The staff however, are crap 🙂 I’ve stayed there twice now (for a week each time).

  2. Wind says:

    hehe,i’d want to stay there

  3. Ed Kaim says:

    W hotels always make me feel like I’m in the matrix.

  4. I’m glad you found the W to be an enjoyable experience. While at the MVP summit, I stayed there, and I agree with you about all aspects of the design.

    However, I have to agree with Phil’s comments about the staff. The staff, while it does try to live up to a level of service that is to be expected from a hotel of that nature, doesn’t know how. It seems like everything they learned about hospitality was learned from a book, and while they have the desire to provide a true level of service and comfort, they don’t seem to know how (inexperience would be my guess).

    So, you are 28 now, right Eric? =)

  5. Jason Haley says:

    Sue and I are leaving tomorrow to stay in the W in Seattle for one week…I’ll have to let you know how it goes…

    Sue has stayed at the W in NYC and loved it, so I am hoping the one in Seattle is good too.

  6. Kimberly Regan says:

    WOW! The W Seattle was fantastic. I completely disagree with Phil’s comments. I thought the staff was fabulous…the young women at the front desk were more than accomodating, perhaps the reason that my experience was so wonderful. The W bellmen didn’t let me lift a finger, I felt like a princess. The concierge made delicious dinner reservations at the restaurant and I enjoyed every inch of my meal…down to the gormet dessert. I would encourage everyone to stay at the W Seattle!!

  7. MBA says:

    Helpful For MBA Fans.

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