App Building – Day 2

Today was the second day of app building. But first, a few comments on the comments on my last post.

One set of comments is around what I meant by “real apps”. It's true that when I say “real apps”, I don't mean the sort of apps that our real customers write. And that's one of the problems that we face - we can't simulate what you do every day with our product.

We do attempt, however, to try out a variety of different features in ways that we think you'll be using them, so we can figure out how the product is shaping up overall.

The app building is just on the PM side. We have devs that use C# every day (lots of .NET is built with C#), but they don't try to take the broader approach that we do.

On the intellisense question, I wasn't talking about the March version, but versions earlier than that.


I spent the morning fighing with Mappoint to try to get it to run faster when adding lines. It's painfully slow. I explored writing the lines myself as an overlay, which I did get to work but not so that events could get underneath.

This afternoon I gave up on that approach, decided to go with a single polyline, and go the app essentially working. It's really fairly cool right now, but needs some more work on it.

My IDE experience as pretty good today - no crashes.

Comments (3)

  1. Matt Hargett says:

    I haven’t tried Whidbey yet, but I still get subtle problems that seem to compound over time when changing namespace names, moving objects into different namespaces, etc. I usually eventually have to restart VS.NET 2003 when things get wonky enough, assuming it doesn’t crash on me in the first place.

    I’m doing a good deal of test-driven development using NUnit, with all the refactoring that comes in that methodology. Maybe you guys should do that on your next app building day.

  2. I usually eventually have to restart

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