Who are the best C# bloggers?

I'd like to create a list of the best C# bloggers, primarily those outside of Microsoft. Please comment with your choice, and I'll do another post with the full list.

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  1. Craig says:

    I’d like to thank the academy – it’s an honor just to be nominated. 🙂

    A big +1 on Ian, BTW.

    Don’t forget Brad Wilson: http://www.techieswithcats.com/dotnetguy

    And John Lam: http://www.iunknown.com

    And Clemens Vasters: http://staff.newtelligence.net/clemensv/rss.ashx

    Plus the DevelopMentor guys:


    <head />


    <outline title="iunknown.com" description="Home of the Practical Eye for the .NET Guy" xmlUrl="http://www.iunknown.com/rss.xml" htmlUrl="http://www.iunknown.com/" />

    <outline title="The Mountain of Worthless Information" description="Ted Neward’s Personal Weblog" xmlUrl="http://www.neward.net/ted/weblog/rss.jsp&quot; htmlUrl="http://www.neward.net/ted/weblog&quot; />

    <outline title="CraigBlog" description="Craig Andera’s WebLog" xmlUrl="http://staff.develop.com/candera/weblog2/blogxbrowsing.asmx/GetRss?&quot; htmlUrl="http://staff.develop.com/candera/weblog2/&quot; />

    <outline title="Green Hat Journal" description="a brain dump of random ideas" xmlUrl="http://rover.cs.northwestern.edu/~surana/blog/index.rdf&quot; htmlUrl="http://rover.cs.northwestern.edu/~surana/blog/&quot; />

    <outline title="managed data" description="niels musings about .NET, data and messaging" xmlUrl="http://staff.develop.com/nielsb/blogxbrowsing.asmx/GetRss?&quot; htmlUrl="http://staff.develop.com/nielsb/&quot; />

    <outline title=".NET Meanderings" description="" xmlUrl="http://staff.develop.com/richardb/weblog/blogxbrowsing.asmx/GetRss?&quot; htmlUrl="http://staff.develop.com/richardb/weblog/&quot; />

    <outline title="Brian A. Randell" description="Sleep, what’s sleep?" xmlUrl="http://sqljunkies.com/weblog/brianr/Rss.aspx&quot; htmlUrl="http://sqljunkies.com/WebLog/brianr/&quot; />

    <outline title="Ingo Rammer’s Weblog" description="" xmlUrl="http://www.ingorammer.com/Weblog/rss.aspx&quot; htmlUrl="http://www.ingorammer.com/&quot; />

    <outline title="DevelopMint" description="Justin Gehtland on actually producing code." xmlUrl="http://staff.develop.com/gehtland/rss.xml&quot; htmlUrl="http://staff.develop.com/gehtland/&quot; />

    <outline title="Brian Maso’s Tecno-Geek Weblog" description="The musings of a mild-mannered tecno-geek." xmlUrl="http://www.blumenfeld-maso.com/weblog/rss.xml&quot; htmlUrl="http://www.blumenfeld-maso.com/weblog/&quot; />

    <outline title="nerds-eye view" description="This is my blog. I put stuff here that seems interesting to me. I figure no one else will be reading it, but so what.&#xD;&#xA;" xmlUrl="http://www.slowtrain.placo.com/blog/index.rdf&quot; htmlUrl="http://www.slowtrain.placo.com/blog/&quot; />

    <outline title="Ockham’s Flashlight" description="Stuart Halloway on software development, technology, and the future." xmlUrl="http://www.relevancellc.com/halloway/weblog/rss.xml&quot; htmlUrl="http://www.relevancellc.com/halloway/weblog/&quot; />

    <outline title="A Surprisingly High Tower" description="Justin Gehtland, ya, you betcha!" xmlUrl="http://www.gehtland.com/blogxbrowsing.asmx/GetRss&quot; htmlUrl="http://www.gehtland.com/&quot; />

    <outline title="The XML Files" description="by Aaron Skonnard" xmlUrl="http://skonnard.com/Rss.aspx&quot; htmlUrl="http://skonnard.com/&quot; />

    <outline title="A service-oriented view of my digital life" description="" xmlUrl="http://staff.develop.com/jfland/SyndicationService.asmx/GetRss&quot; htmlUrl="http://staff.develop.com/jfland/&quot; />



  2. Luc Cluitmans says:

    A few links to blogs that are not necessarily about C#, but often use C# as an example language to explain other topics. Often a deeper understanding of C# is a side effect of reading these blogs or the sample code they refer to…:

    Blogs focussing on XML:



    http://skonnard.com/Rss.aspx (was mentioned by Craig already)

    Blog focussing on regular expressions:


  3. Luc Cluitmans says:

    (edit on my previous post: Note that the last link refers to many languages that provide Regex support; C# is only one of them. Maybe not such a suitable link after all)

  4. SBC says:

    I’d like to recommend Roy (http://blogs.regexadvice.com/royo/). His work with ‘RegExp’ is great!

  5. Eric,

    I know he’s at Microsoft, and you explicitly said you were looking for blogs originating from other than the ‘mother-ship’, but I think Gus Perez(http://blogs.msdn.com/gusperez/Rss.aspx) makes considerable contributions in the way of c# blogging. I checked the current list and didn’t Gus on there. I am sure you have him in mind already, but just in case it slipped through…. BTW, I really enjoy your blog and find your feed one of the most useful. Yes, I know that was sucking up. I’ve notice that blogging has me doing that more, and more lately. Lastly, I am pleased that you are creating this list.

    In anticipation,


  6. /A says:

    You might consider having a blog dedicated for C# discussions just like the Exchange group:



  7. It's very good! says:

    Your Weblog is very good!

    But update is less!

  8. Alexander says:

    Eric Gunnerson (pure C#)

    Chris Sells (must subscribe)

    Lutz Roeder (especially today :-))

    Miguel de Icaza (alternate view)

    Brad Abrams (good stuff)

    Jeff Key (goodies)

  9. Who are the best C# bloggers?…

  10. j says:

    George Poth

  11. Cool nice boy says:

    i think the best is Chris Brumme

  12. Stone says:

    Tom Miller

  13. MBA says:

    Helpful For MBA Fans.

  14. A while ago Eric asked &amp;ldquo;Who are the best C# bloggers external to MS?&amp;rdquo; which sparked a similar

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