“Close to being Released”…

Scott wrote in reference to something I said...

A year away is “close to Whidbey being released”?

Well, yes. My meaning was inteded to be “close to released for Beta”, but in terms of the final functionality that we'll deliver, Beta1 will be relatively close to what the final bits are.

Comments (2)

  1. Eric Wilson says:

    If Beta1 will include most of the functionally, why must the final release be delayed by 6 months?

    I also have to put my vote in that most of the Microsoft blogs focus too much on what is coming. Developers are a practical bunch, and as such we are interested in how to solve problems today, not a year from now.

    The .NET framework is huge, and I am certain there is plenty of stuff in there that no one has covered. Please, Please, please: Focus on helping developers build applications for the present.

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