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Pablo asks,

Is this the sort of range of discussions that would be included on something like Channel 9?

... and I decided that I should talk a little bit more about what goes on at an MVP summit, especially since I'm a bit more coherant today than I was last night.

In the feedback session that I led (facilitated (MC'ed (hogged the mike in))), I was primarily concerned with getting the MVP's opinion on how questions like:

  • What is the worst thing about being an MVP?

  • How could Microsoft support you better?

We also spent a fair amount of time showing the MVPs what's coming up in Whidbey and getting their comments. Because we're close to Whidbey being released, most of the information that we discussed is public, but we also share some information that is under NDA.

Both useful activities, but hardly interchangeable.


Comments (4)

  1. Scott says:

    A year away is "close to Whidbey being released"?

  2. Pablo says:


    I’ve found that what is being discussed on Channel9 (understanding that it’s early days yet), covers topics that are mostly relevant to developers. The nature of the relationship between MS and the MVPs and your article on the summit itself are the sort of things I’d like to watch/read on Channel9.

    Generally speaking, the various channels (MSDN, Channel9, ASP.NET, gotdotnet, and all the MS Blogs) that MS communicates through makes it increasingly difficult to know where to go. They’re competing with each other for my attention.

  3. MBA says:

    Helpful For MBA Fans.

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