The virtues of “One Note”

Derek said that I should write about the virtues of OneNote, which is, in his words, “one sweet app...”

I've been using it off and on, and while I think it's a nice too, it has a few drawbacks for the kind of notes I do. For the C# language design notes, for example, we've been using Word for a long time, and it lets me do everything I want - keep the notes numbered and outlined, do tables, and have a big document with all the notes. OneNote doesn't appear to support the more formal sort of note taking that I do, though it is nice for other kinds of note taking.

So, I guess I'll have to forgo my endorsement, at least for now.

Comments (2)

  1. Actually OneNote will let you use bullets, outlines and numbered formats – collapsable too. You’re right that it’s not as easy to do "formal" notes in it and table support is pretty weak in the current version.


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