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I got to level 30

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  1. Shahn Hogan says:

    I needed this for my lunch break 🙂

  2. Karl says:

    anyone figure out how to get past level 30? 🙂

  3. Karl says:

    My personal favorite has always been 3D pong:

    And the best non-interactive flash I’ve ever seen is:

  4. This is pretty neat. If you want more mindless fun, try this one:

    It doesn’t involve as much thought, but it’s definitely fun. My record is 323.5. Be careful, as there are other versions that are modified so that the distances are much larger.

    – Nick

  5. marko says:

    grrr… I should have taken your advice… now all my programmers are trying to get my score!

  6. Diego Mijelshon says:

    Man, I hate you…

    I’ve reached level 26 in about 8 minutes… but now I’m unable to type a single line of code!

  7. Diego Mijelshon says:

    I gave up in 32.

    Anyway, it wasn’t that bad. I was programming in PHP.

  8. Ferris Beuller says:

    I got to level 482957797898778599743 hah beet that, Im l337.

    Damn n00bs

  9. Bill says:

    Beat it in just over an hour. Level 40 has engineers that move. Not only does the location, power, and angle have to be perfect, the timing of clicking the start button has to be perfect as well.

  10. Keith Patrick says:

    Dammit! My finger rested a tad too hard on the Back button on my trackball twice, with the last time being very close to getting past 30

  11. Ariel@Arg says:

    You think l.30 is hard? Try 32!!

  12. theCoach says:

    Damn you Gunnerson!

    Level 35 with a deadline looming.

  13. Bored? I have two fun things for your Friday. Dontcha just love me? 😉 How to make business card cubes is quite fun. I stole some of someone’ s *cough* cards the other night and made one. I think I…

  14. Keith Patrick says:

    To beat 30, go far right and aim for the top left corner at full power, taking out the entire run of spores. If you get it right, you should ricochet to the right, and if your angle wasn’t too steep, the rebound should take out two from the 2nd run, hitting the last spore on the bottom left during the final roll. Now 32, is a friggin’ joke. I can get down to 1 left, but I’m not rolling anywhere *close* to that last spore.

  15. Tom C says:

    This game only goes up to level 40. Level 40 they start moving. Too Easy!!!

    I had the most trouble on level 37.

    At the end, along with credits,It keeps track of how many launches grenades etc.

    Thx Gunnerson.

  16. Joku says:

    Got to 39, then i stopped cause it was not so fun anymore, now you tell me 40 was the last !?! 🙁

  17. blah says:

    The easiest way to get past level 30, or any level, is to disassemble the flash file (

    with Flasm, then change line 31 from…

    push ‘bounce’, 0.5


    push ‘bounce’, 1

    Reassembble, then go to one corner, turn the power all the way up, and aim for the upper opposite corner. When you hit the launch button the warthog will bounce around forever eventually hitting every spot on the screen until you hit next or revert. It took me just under five minutes to beat the entire game.

  18. Leo says:

    so then how do you beat 32?

  19. megan says:

    I don’t believe you about level 30!

    I have done exactly what you said, and the jeep comes a millimeter from the last spore but it never hits it. I have adjusted everything. I have played with the timing — waiting until the spores are down rather than up helps.

    what is the secret??? I don’t know how to disassemble flash.


  20. cou says:

    If you don’t want to disassemble it, and would rather become bored with a super easy version than frustrated with the normal version, try this hacked version of the game:

    By the way, hacking flash games is very easy.

    Check out if you would like to mess with flash games.

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