My real name is “Cure Inner Song”…

Yes, I've been discovered. My real name is “Cure Inner Song“, and I chose “Eric Gunnerson“ as a likely-sounding anagram for my blog (and my email name is an anagram of “Ice Rug“, which is my street name).

Eric sometimes likes to refer to himself in the third person. It's just something that an Eric Gunnerson likes to do, and it's not anything to be concerned about. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain...

Though the disjoint nature of my posts may give the impression that my blog is authored by several different people, it is, in fact, all authored by Eric Gunnerson.

So why the weird post?

Well, I've been working with Duncan Mackenzie (editor of the C# dev center (only he isn't called an editor because that term means something else in the msdn world (and he can't be called publisher, even though he really is the publisher of the website, because that would be confising), so his actual title is something I never remember (so, you're just going to stand there until I look it up in Outlook and find that it's) - his actual title is Software Development Engineer (I hope you're happy!), which makes no sense to me) to come up with a way to get blog posts onto the aforementioned dev center without either of us having to do any work (Duncan is very busy running both the C# and VB dev centers, and Eric Gunnerson is well known for his devotion to laziness), so we (and by “we“, Eric means “Duncan“) came up with a scheme were we could use an invisible category in my blog. I'd create an entry in Eric's blog, and the MSDN site would automatically promote it into the main page. The idea being that Eric could provide a sort of “best of“ (when I use loosely given Eric's obvious poor discernment (sorry Kim if you're reading this - it's only a joke)) feed into the dev center to highlight interesting blog content. And no, he's not planning on doing this for every post in his blog. Only 90% of them.

As you've probable noticed, the invisible category wasn't, but at least the feed into MSDN didn't work either. Eric would have deleted the post, but it's kindof hard to troubleshoot a post if it isn't there.

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  1. Bugaboo says:

    Did you forget Eric at some ski lodge somewhere in the Cascades?

  2. Duncan is a content strategist.

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