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Saturday morning, I did a 90 minute ride, and I am happy to say that I have finally gotten used to my new pedals (SPD-SLs), and new shoes (Nike <whatevers>). Very comfortable, and a lot easier to get into and out of than my old normal SPDs. You can even walk on them (a bit) without danger to your bones. The ride was 36 degreees and a bit windy, which takes a bit of planning, but is better than than 30 degrees I rode in over the new year. At the end of February, I'm planning on riding Chilly Hilly, a short but hilly tour of Bainbridge Island. Later this summer, I'm hoping to ride RSVP.

Sunday I spent skiing with my family, where I had only one comical fall. I say “comical” because I fell at speeds exceeding 2 MPH while trying to skate over to my ski class. The big news of the day is that my 9-year-old daughter skied two *long* runs (1300 vertical each) of somewhat cut up blue, and then at the bottom of one skied a bumped-out black diamond, only falling once when she hit some ice. It's going to be only a couple of years before she can ski better than her parents (who, with all modesty, are starting to be able to ski a bunch of terrain they previously were insufficiently skillled).

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