C# Team Chat in 20 minutes (2PM PST)


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  1. Eric, it’s orangy asked few questions on the chat. Not sure where to send this, could you please forward to right person?

    1. Having pre-questions for MSDN chats (like pdcbloggers collected questions prior to PDC) could be a nice thing for those who not always can attend chat (I’m GMT+6) It’s simple to make a form on the web and store questions before the chat, isn’t it?

    2. Can anybody discuss ComponentModel in .NET? In a blog or somewhere else. This is probably the most poorly discussed area in FCL.


  2. Scott says:

    For some reason, in SharpReader on my machine the datetime on this post was 5:39AM? So I missed it and I’m in frickin’ Seattle, I didn’t get it until 4isPM PST. <grin/>

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