Comcast makes me happy…

Comcast is planning
on raising its maximum download speed
to 3Mbps.

Hope it happens in my neck of the woods...

Comments (5)

  1. Yeah, it’s better, but still, back on Long Island with OptOnline I was getting about 5Mb down and .5Mb Up for the same price as I pay for Comcast out here. OptOnline ROCKS. I guess this is one of the tiny compromises that I had to make accepting my job at Microsoft. 😉

  2. Steve Butler says:

    Now if they had a relaxed policy about home hosting too that would be very cool.

    Earthlink is pretty neat though they’ve run out of static IP’s on the RedmondBellevue border 🙁 At least DynDns covered that off.

    Prolly find the saturation of MS employees in 98008/98052 means that most people in those zipcodes won’t get more than 128Kbit real throughput 🙂

  3. Eric Gunnerson says:

    I actually get 1.2Mbps down fairly consistently. Not a ton of softies in my neighborhood.

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