C# IDE: New Features for Whidbey

I’m sitting in a large conference room watching my manager, Scott Wiltamuth, do a presentation about the new features in the C# IDE. The highlights are: Expansions, which are user-written “code templates” which are triggered through the standard CTRL-Space syntax. They are somewhat like a Cut/Paste, except that you can define fields in the text…


PDC: New C++ language syntax

I spent a bit of time in the session on the new C++ language syntax, and I saw a similar presentation a few weeks ago back in Redmond. The current release of VC++ uses an extension syntax to “add on” the managed (ie clr) concepts onto the existing C++ syntax. For Whidbey, the C++ team…


Welcome to PDC (belated)

Well, I’m here PDC (and OOPSLA, which also runs this week) had a run-in with mother nature, and mother nature is ahead. Fires in California shut down the LA regional FAA office. FAA Regional offices control large amounts of airspace around a region, handling all flights once they’ve left the airspace local to the airport….


PDC: By our buttons you will know us

All the C# team members will be wearing “C# Team Member” buttons, often with very nice black C# polor shirts. We also have buttons for you, if you wish to identify yourself as a C# programmer.


New C# Language specs

New Language Specs are online. Note that there’s a language discussion forum devoted to the language there. If you don’t own Word, download the free Viewer


Don’t write code like this…

I’ve just finished doing a security review of my MSDN columns, and as part of that, I needed to add some security to an add-in architecture, so the add-in architecture won’t run antisocial code. The approach taken by .NET security is reminiscent of ACLs, which means (at least to me) that it’s confusing and I…


The Visual C# Team at PDC

The Visual C# Team and PDC   PDC is next week, and a lot of C# team members will be there. This schedule outlines our main activities during the week.   You’ll know that you’ve found a C# team member by the “C# Team Member” button that they’re wearing. If you see one of us,…


Foreign Translations…

A while back, I wrote about having copies of translations of my book that I didn’t know what to do with. A few of you wrote that you would like copies. Here’s what I’ve decided to do: I’m going to give away the foreign copies to anybody who wants them, with the following provisions: 1)…