Signs you’ve been playing too much MechAssault…

You drive into work in the morning, and as you drive around the garage, you see some
green objects blocking a stall at the other end of a row of cars. Your first thought
is, "Cool! Health!"

(They were egg crates, but the color match was pretty close)

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  1. Kristen says:

    Hey. I know exactly how you feel. Ya know, you play too much vids and they get stuck in you head. I am not a huge gamer but just lately I have been playing a bit more. I picked up HItman2 cause its cheap and midnightclub2. Both those games rock. Anyways when i sleep i dream about these dots that you have to hit in order and then running around shooting. My brain maid a game combining both the games and I cant sleep. This wakes me up all night. I dont get it, somehow these images keep melting into my mind. What the hell is going on?? >l<R

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