XBox tip of the day…

Today, I accidentally figured out that the "off" button on my XBox isn't just an off
button. It's also an on button, and it's one that doesn't eject the disc first, so
you don't have to wait for the tray to come out and push it back in.

Comments (4)

  1. bryan says:

    So this would be like a power button, or on/off ?

  2. Steve Clarke says:

    That’s priceless. My 3 year old learned it just yesterday as well. Truth.
    He’s just at that age where I can make him do my bidding, so I coached him through getting off the couch to reset the game of Totaled! we were having.
    "Click the small grey button, Son, not the big grey one with the green light."
    "This one, Daddy?"
    "No, no, you don’ t have to eject it, just turn it off and on again. Use the small button."
    I wonder if we had the Xbox Live microphone left open and you overheard our conversation. 😉

  3. Eric Gunnerson says:

    The XBox has two buttons. The top (big) button starts up the console, and opens the DVD drawer. The small one turn off the box (I thought). It also turn on the box without opening the content.

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