What PMs do for fun…

Last week, I made a bad joke (I'm the owner of bad jokes for the Visual C# PM team),
related to the the concept of arity in generics. I regret that I don't remember the
exact joke I made, but we riffed a bit on different permutations (popul-arity, singul-arity,
disp-arity). That went on for a few minutes, but we realized that it ws a tough joke
to communicate.

Then Julian (one of our IDE PMs) suggested that we could communicate it better through
code. Here's what he suggested:

class Hil<T>
    // Implementation

class Jocul<T>


Once you've done this, then people can discuss the Hil-arity and Jocul-arity of
this implementation.

You may have noticed that we often don't aspire to particularly high standards of
comedic expression.

If you ever want to find words that contain a certain string of letters, I suggest OneLook.

Comments (3)

  1. Ilya Ryzhenkov says:

    What developers do for fun when they do not have real generics in their everyday life? Dreaming that their ideas will really work in generic world. Here are few:

    1. Generic properties. All are talking about methods, but properties are almost all the same, so I hope this will work. This gives us the whole bunch of pseudo-methods with type arguments. Like:

    void foo()
    IServiceProvider provider = GetProvider();
    // Service is generic property and implementation is obvious

    2. Inner class type resolution. That would be great, but I suppose this violates compile-time vs run-time checks principle.
    class Client<T>
    void foo()
    T.InnerClass localVariable = new T.InnerClass();

    3. Will the following work?
    void Bar()
    SomeClass<Another> instance = new SomeClass<Another>();

    // will both T’s be bound to each other?
    void Foo<T>(SomeClass<T> instance)

    4. Reflection + generics seem to allow specialized versions of generic types, but this needs more investigation… Obviously with generics in hands 🙂

    Good luck.

  2. MBA says:

    Helpful For MBA Fans.

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