PM: A new email record

Today I set a new record in the amount of time I spent on a single email.

I've been trying to coordinate a change in how generics work. Ultimately, this will
involve coordinating with about 10 teams to figure out how to make a breaking change
without breaking the build (which is a pretty big in in the VS team), but for now,
I'm just working to get the process started. To do that, I need to write an email
that explains what problem we're trying to solve and how to solve it.

I wrote the first verison of the email at about 9 in the morning, and then got some
advice on whether I was taking the rigth approach. I repeated this process throughout
the day, interrupted by about 2 hours of meetings.

The final version was written just after 5PM, and sent right before I left. 3 hours
spent on the email, and another hour or so working on the same issue.

I sent the mail, went down to the garage, got into the car and start to drive home.
As I pulled out of the garage, The Cars "Let the Good Times Roll" came on radio. I
turned it up.

"Let them leave you up in the air"
"Let them brush your rock and roll hair"

While it's no longer cool to drive around in your car with the windows open listening
to "The Cars" and 1978 was a long time ago, you can still sit in the leather
seats of you 328, turn up the air conditioning, and cruise home. I've probably listened
to this album as much as any in my collection, but it remains on of my favorites.

Have a great weekend.

Comments (3)

  1. Brad Abrams says:

    I know the item Eric is working on and I wish him much luck. There is TONS of work to make this turn out right for customers, but I think it is worth it. When we add a huge new feature like generics we only get one chance to get it right. Good luck Eric!

  2. Val Savvateev says:

    Geez, I only wish you guys let the community to contribute as much as possible. We’re behind you!


  3. Eric Gunnerson says:

    I’ve considered talking more about this, but I don’t want to talk about things when there’s a very real possibility that we won’t do the feature. I’d prefer things to be a little more baked.

    I’d still like to figure out how to include the community more in the process, but it’s going to be a challenge.

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