Call for Votes: comp.std.cli & comp.std.csharp

We are trying to set up newsgroups to discuss the CLI and C# standards.

These groups would live in the comp hierararchy on USENET, and when you want to do
that, you need to follow the accepted
. We are now in the "call for votes" phase.

It's considered a violation of ethics to encourage people to vote one way or the other,
so please keep that in mind if you refer to or forward this message.


Voting is now in progress on the proposed newsgroups comp.std.cli & comp.std.csharp.
Interested parties should look for the official Call For Votes, which can be found
in news.announce.newgroups.

You can also access the posts through Google groups at:




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  1. Anonymous says:

    Argh. thanks.

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